Hi I’m Christine K. 🤍

I am 23yrs old, and currently living in the Midwest! I am passionate about my Faith, Photography, and living a life for God’s glory. In 2014, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism and have spent the last 10+ yrs learning how to fuel my body and eat well!

In this blog, CJoyKeller, I aim to help you find inspiration in God’s word during stressful times, and seek Him above all else, as well as share lifestyle/style tips and beauty products that I love!

I was born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska, Homeschooled K-12 (and technically through college too), Graduated with my BA in Digital Photography!

I’ve been pursuing photography as a hobby since 2014 and I love it! I love all things relaxing & creative including; reading, playing piano, pilates, dance, health & wellness – I have a lot of food allergies so nutrition is important to me!

Christine K.